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Standard Professional Services, LLC is a direct funder of lease transactions for all kinds of businesses and is a proud member of UAEL, EAEL and NAELB.
Our substantial lease portolio is privately held, with no portion of our portfolio having ever being sold.
We have flexible rates which are structured to fit credit results.
With proper application, documentation can be prepared within 24 hours.
We look forward to working with you very soon. 

With rapid and turbulent changes in the leasing industry, we thought it might be helpful to articulate the credit methodology currently used at Standard Professional Services, LLC.
Upon submission, a deal is looked at to see if the concept of what they are trying to lease makes sense and if it can be cost justified.
Assuming that the transaction appears sound, it is then run through our credit scoring module, where a credit report on all guarantors is pulled.  Once pulled, the deal is then presented to credit for evaluation of its viability as a transaction and its pricing and structure, ie., the better the score the better the rate, the more marginal the score, the higher the rate and/or possible credit enhancements (ie., larger security deposit, additional collateral or additional guarantors).
Once the deal is internally approved it then goes to documentation, where the Lessee is checked to verify corporate status in the state, new vendors' references are spot checked, etc.  In some cases, a D&B is also pulled to further validate the information presented so that there are no missing links or misinformation.
As soon as documents go out, Quiktrak is simultaneously contacted to arrange a site visit for inspection of the equipment.  This service protects both broker and funder that the equipment is real and that serial numbers conform to the vendor invoice.  Upon receipt of the Quiktrak report that the equipment has been verified and with the receipt of both hard copy invoice from the vendor and our receipt of the delivery and acceptance from the Lessee, the vendor and broker are funded.
We hope that this is a helpful guide and tool.  Please contact us at 847-291-7858 with any additional questions. 

Equipment we have leased includes:

Animated Backhoe

Construction Equipment

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